【NEW CLOUD】Newjack - Undo prod.JJJ

NY to KC
Bigshout to Jacky!!



They lost faith in us but that never altered the vision
and even if it did, we could alter a difference
i used to be that kid you would call for assistance
and came through, knowing u talk when I'm distant
fake niggas never prosper, i had to drop ya
you call when you get the urge i serge ibaka,
block ya
from the soul you could we say we [habla]
and all that really means is my spirit denied ya
all peace! in the space you belong
they told u bout heaven, but never put u on
thats wrong
that's why it's all you hear in my songs
they bathe you in the hatred. and they wonder why we can't get along
Damn Damn... its all in ya mind
ask and you'll receive. when you seek it you find.
don't know where I'm headed i just speak it I'm blind
blinded wit a vision. 20 [3rd eye] sight
Said, I don't know where I'm headed, I'm ahead of time
same old speech just different a line
"who's is it any way?" its brady crunch time
boy you fake, so you can't relate. I aint your kind

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
yea yea yea yea yea
newjack yeah
city city yeah
(Ay Fresino WADDAP)

they lost faith in us but that never changed what we're on
niggas want lean. i want celine dion
Always New jack, I'm addicted to getting better
I'm - dreaming like King, but aint much women like Coretta [scott]
You used to know your worth... and they call that era paradise
now you tryna be a prize, Pussy in Jeopardize
used to you lose ya virginity when you found the guy
now you're 22 and your body count? 7 guys
and 2 girls, cause you switched to the other side
But who am i to judge. i jus hope you find love, alright ?
In yourself first !
relying on someone else is like hell but worse
I don't mean no disrespect when you hear this verse
i jus want u all correct, we could end this curse

1s for the Enemy that lives right within
2s for the other side that only aims to win

I aint gon let you go baby girl it can't get go down like that
put you in the middle of a sea of love girl, love it when you drown like that